Identify and resolve SQL Server database security and compliance vulnerabilities.


Maintain database security and compliance with data privacy regulations using these industry-leading tools designed for SQL Server environments. IDERA’s security and compliance applications are designed specifically to meet the needs of database teams supporting SQL Servers.

SQL Secure

SQL Secure

Always know who can access enterprise SQL Server resources with flexible and efficient analysis, monitoring, and reporting capabilities built into SQL Secure.

 SQL Compliance Manager

SQL Compliance Manager

Maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines using customizable templates and provide the necessary evidence to satisfy auditors’ demands.

SQL Admin Toolset

SQL Admin Toolset

Individual components like Login Copy, Password Checker, and User Clone help DBAs maintain security while performing their administrative daily tasks.

 SQL Security Suite

SQL Security Suite

This suite of software tools combines SQL Secure and SQL Compliance Manager at a reduced cost to fully protect your organization from data breaches and failed regulatory audits.


Database security is a top priority for all levels of an organization. The impact of a data breach can be devastating to an enterprise. Proactively addressing security flaws before they are exploited is the best way to protect valuable data resources.

  • Analyze database roles, right, and permissions to ensure all access to sensitive data is warranted.
  • Pinpoint weak or missing passwords that make a SQL Server database environment vulnerable to attack.
  • Generate security scorecards to quickly identify potential issues with your SQL Servers and drill down to obtain complete details of the problem.
  • Analyze the security of the underlying operating system to discover issues that may affect your SQL Servers.
  • View historical SQL Server security settings to set baselines and identify changes that may impact database protection.

Average cost of a data breach in 2020 is:

$3.86 million

According to data from IBM


Compliance with data privacy regulations is becoming more complex as additional standards are being introduced across the industry. The financial and public relations costs of noncompliance make it imperative that you remain compliant and can demonstrate that compliance to an audit team.

  • Discover sensitive data resources residing in your SQL Server databases that need to be audited and given robust protection from unauthorized access.
  • Implement the correct security configurations to your SQL Servers and databases with customizable templates that conform to various regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and SOX.
  • Audit SQL Server data changes and database events while monitoring privilegedusers so all database access is tracked and reported.
  • Define notification rules to generate customizable alerts for over 200 specific SQL Server event types.
  • Define notification rules to generate customizable alerts for over 200 specific SQL Server event types.

British Airways fined £20 million for GDPR infringement.

Data from The National Law Review ->


IDERA’s database security and compliance tools provide many benefits to your entire organization.

  • Minimize the risk and cost of data breaches by keeping unauthorized users away from sensitive data assets.
  • Protect your complete physical and virtual SQL Server environment located on-premises or in the cloud from a centralized interface.
  • Use predefined database security and compliance templates that provide realistic guidelines which can be customized to cover business requirements.
  • Generate comprehensive reports that can be used to identify areas of concern during internal audits and provide compliance evidence to external auditors.
  • Keep the sensitive data in your SQL Servers secure and meet the regulatory requirements of your market sector.

“SQL Secure provided us with baseline analysis of potential security threats.”

Charles Schweiger, Database Administrator, Skygen (medium enterprise, computer software, USA)

“With SQL Compliance Manager we achieved much quicker analysis for regulatory compliance.”

Andy Whallen, Database Administrator, TrialCard, Inc. (Global 500 company, professional services, USA)

“With SQL Security Suite we reduce the time to create reports from to 2-3 days of full-time work each time to 1 day of one-time preparation of custom reports.”

Johann Beukes, IT Specialist, ODEK Technologies (medium enterprise, financial services, South Africa)

“With SQL Admin Toolset, we migrated our primary production server (including users and logins) from an old version to the latest version of SQL Server.”

Chris Banting, System Administrator, Crews Banking Corp. (medium enterprise, banking, USA)