Monitor real-time key performance metrics

for SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon RDS for SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server databases are critical to organizations. Ensure the availability, health, andperformance of SQL Server databases on-premises and in the cloud. Monitor the performance of SQLServer by displaying in real-time the key performance metrics in a single overview dashboard.

View interactive time-series charts
with key performance metrics for each
selected SQL Server instance.

time series chart
seek times

Monitor waits, seek times,
physical read/writes, cache hits,
CPU usage, throughput, and processes.

Quickly switch between registered
instances to monitor the entire
SQL Server environment

quickly switch
cloud database

Use the same dashboard for
SQL Server on-premises and in the
cloud including managed cloud databases.

Do not add to the workload of monitored
instances and do not install agents
on monitored instances.

workload monitor
With IDERA’s free tool SQL Check, display charts with key performance indicators for SQL Server in an intuitive graphical user interface:

View time-series charts for waits, disk wait time, physical reads and writes, cache hit ratio, CPU usage, and SQL throughput.

View a time-dependent bubble chart for processes with their locking, wait, and transaction state.

Display the types of wait for the waits chart and display the details of each process for the bubble chart.

Customize the dashboard and the time-series charts.

Adjust the sampling rate and the displayed time interval for the time-series charts.

Switch between registered instances with a single click.

Do not install any components, DLLs, scripts, stored procedures, and tables on the monitored instances.

display chart

Start monitoring the activity of your SQL Server instances – for free.
Download the completely free tool SQL Check now!.

IDERA allows a small group of database administrators to manage a growing environment of servers and databases (also in the cloud) without increasing their workload proportionately.

IT Director, Small Business, Banking, USA, 100 to 499 SQL Server databases


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