Application and Relational Database Performance Monitoring for Multiple Platforms


Track the performance of application transactions into relational databases for multiple platforms from a single user interface

Poor SAP system performance destroys business performance. Organizations depend on SAP transactional and analytical systems to process orders in real-time, close financial books quickly and securely, and provide timely reporting to internal and external stakeholders. Inconsistent or poor performance directly and negatively impacts the bottom line. SAP deployments are complex and layered. Often these layers are typically managed by different teams using incompatible tools making it difficult to identify and tackle the root cause of performance problems. To thrive in this environment, IT organizations must embrace an integrated and collaborative approach with SAP monitoring tools that can track performance throughout their entire SAP landscape. Such SAP tools collect transaction performance information across all key SAP tiers including SAP ECC, Portal, BW, PI, Java, .NET, ABAP, and 3rd party applications, databases, and storage.

Simplified Problem Isolation

Simplify problem isolation by clearly reporting on where SAP business transactions spend time. By tying transactions back to the end-users or locations experiencing problems, it helps IT managers understand the true root cause and determine the priority, impact, and scope of the resolution.

Capacity Planning

SAP systems are constantly growing and evolving. By connecting transaction performance with the infrastructure it touches, the Precise Platform makes it easier to align server and storage capacity with the growing needs of the business.

Business Oriented SLAs

Business leaders can set business oriented application SLAs to align performance management with business objectives. This visibility into SLAs and usage patterns enables more efficient budget allocation and tighter matching of system performance to business priorities.

Broad Database Support

The Precise Platform provides capabilities to analyze various tiers in an SAP landscape (Portal, Web client and server, or ABAP application server), which can be deployed independent of the database underlying the SAP application. For DB2, Oracle, and SQL, the Precise Platform provides the ability to drill into the database from the SAP ABAP t-codes. For any given t-code, a customer can identify the resources consumed in the database for that t-code, regardless of DB2, Oracle, or SQL as the underlying database.

Enhanced Collaboration

The Precise Platform eliminates monitoring complexity by providing a single solution and a common set of data for all personnel across tiers. This facilitates collaboration among disparate teams and simplifies consulting additional domain experts which in turn drives faster problem isolation and resolution.

Trusted SAP Partner

The Precise Platform works closely with SAP to certify our solutions, meeting or exceeding SAP’s comprehensive quality assurance and interoperability requirements. These certifications allow customers to confidently and easily implement the Precise Platform in their environment. Integration with SAP Solution Manager helps reduce the learning curve for customer adoption.
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Rick Reynolds, JD Edwards CNC/System Administrator, Europa Sports (Medium Enterprise, Wholesale Distribution), USA.
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